Family eats

Some of my favorite childhood memories with my family and cousins centered around food.  Summer meals with salmon cooked in the dishwasher, concord grape pie, yellow jackets and garter snakes (okay we didn’t eat those last two items).

Going into the garage and looking at Uncle David’s wine making attempts…all the tubes and fermenting cherries and jars and the fruity smell.

Crab dinners and deciding whether to put blue cheese or ranch or thousand island or cocktail sauce on the pile of crab you’d picked through.

Sitting on the back porch and waiting for a hummingbird to come to the feeder while the adults talked about everything (I don’t remember what they talked about, it wasn’t interesting to me.  But BOY did they talk ALOT!)

Drinking ice tea.  Picking raspberries and vegetables from the garden out back.

What are your food memories of our family?

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Kirkwood-Swanson Generation


This photo is the Kirkwood-Swanson “Clan”. The photo shows David (Sandy) Kirkwood (suspenders) and Thea (Shore) and Sam Swanson Sr. in the back row.

The middle row is Jennie (Frisbee) Shore (JoAnn and Thea’s mom) and JoAnn (Shore) Kirkwood.

Seated and on the grass are “Gramma” Frisbee (Mary Ella Wilson Frisbee), William Shore (JoAnn & Thea’s brother) and I think the baby is Sam Swanson Jr. The boy playing is Arch Kirkwood.

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Swanson Family photos

Swanson Family photos

Yes, I’m not ashamed to *steal* photos off Facebook posts from my cousins.

This photo is a military photo of one of the Swanson “boys” (sorry, I don’t know the date or any other information). Please comment below if you can identify this photo!


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February 1992

February 1992

Kirkwoods together in Carlsbad, California.

David & JoAnn Kirkwood, Bill Kirkwood, Margie Kirkwood, Connie Kirkwood, Russ & Paige Norman, Sandy Kirkwood, Jennie Kirkwood, Bob Kirkwood (and a friend I think was a foreign exchange student)

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I grew up with many nick-names; most of them have followed me all of my life.  Most of you know me by “Par” or some variation of that.  The nick-name “Par” came from the first initial of each of my given names (P)aige (A)nnette (R)oper.

As an adult I have people that only know me by “Paige” but I have many more that only know me by “Par”.  And I have ‘dual-citizenship’ with some people who are constantly stumbling over one because they can’t remember who I am to the group of people I’m around.

Other variations I’ve been called over the years are:

Paigey-Par, Par-Par, Parkay, Parcheesy, Pargery, Pargey.

What nick-names did you have growing up?  Did you hate them?  Love them?  Use them still?

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Cousins July 2002

Cousins July 2002

Front Door of Karen’s ‘old’ house in Renton, Washington, July 2002.

Dylan Hires, Derek Hires, Dorian Kirkwood, Demian Kirkwood, Anakin Downer, James Norman, Blake Norman

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